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Network Management Practices


Subscribers to Mid-Rivers Mobile Internet service, and authorized roamers with authorized equipment configured to work with Mid-Rivers Mobile Internet technology, can access Mid-Rivers Mobile Internet service.  Mid-Rivers does not currently employ any network management practices that would affect a customer's Internet experience or ability to access any specific applications.  The Company’s Mobile Internet customers can: access the lawful Internet content of their choice, run applications and use services of their choice (subject to the needs of law enforcement), connect their choice of legal devices that do not harm the network, and access the network providers, application and service providers, and content providers of their choice.


Mid-Rivers does not have any control over the services and features that an authorized roamer on the Mid-Rivers Mobile Internet network may or may not be allowed to access under the terms and conditions of their service agreement with their Mobile Network Provider.  Roamers on our network should contact their Mobile Network Provider regarding any concerns with network management practices or other terms and conditions of their mobile service.




The Company does not block or rate-control traffic based on IP address source, IP address destination, protocol or packet content.  We do not block any kind of customer traffic, inbound our outbound.




The Company’s Mobile Internet offerings include tiered data plan offering varying amounts of monthly data usage for a flat rate plus overage fees for usage beyond the plan allowance.  These plans are not subject to usage limits or roaming conditions that result in blocked access or restricted speeds. Customers can purchase additional data access with no interruption of service or throttling of speeds.  Data speeds provided will be the fastest mobile connection available based on the capabilities of the network at the customer’s location at any given time.  While the Company may recommend to customers steps that can be taken to control their own data usage amount based on application settings or other factors, the Company itself does not limit or restrict traffic flow based on factors such as video resolution (i.e., customers may watch streaming video at whatever resolution they prefer, subject only to the limitations of their connection speed).


From time to time, the Company may rate-limit some incoming connections to a customer when they are the confirmed target of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, if the traffic congestion due to that attack begins impacting the flow of traffic for other customers.


Affiliated Prioritization / Paid Prioritization


The Company does not prioritize the Mobile Internet traffic of its own services or affiliates, or the traffic of any third parties, over any other network traffic.  There are no “Internet fast lanes” offered by Mid-Rivers to any other companies to prioritize their traffic over the traffic of others.


Congestion Management


From time to time, the Company may rate-limit some incoming connections to a customer when they are the confirmed target of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, if the traffic congestion due to that attack begins impacting the flow of traffic for other customers.


Application-Specific Behavior


The Company does not restrict Mobile Internet customers from accessing any applications.


Device Attachment Rules


Customers may connect their choice of legal devices that do not harm the network. Mid-Rivers will work with each customer and each device on a case-by-case basis to resolve any connection issues that may arise. Any such connection issues are due to the capabilities of the device itself and are not a result of any network management practices by Mid-Rivers.





Occasionally, Mid-Rivers will receive a complaint that a Mid-Rivers Mobile Internet customer has a computer, server or router that is configured in such a way that other Internet users have noticed SPAM or other harmful network traffic coming from that device, or that the device is being used to access content illegally. Such reports will trigger a notification from Mid-Rivers to the end-user customer, and we will work with that customer to resolve the potential security concerns.


Performance Characteristics


Service Description


Mid-Rivers Mobile Internet is a wireless data service that allows you to connect an authorized Internet-capable wireless device to the Internet. This service is available throughout the Mid-Rivers Wireless cellular home coverage area and operates under the Performance Characteristics described below. When a Mid-Rivers customer is roaming in areas of the U.S. served by our data roaming partner(s) outside of the Mid-Rivers home coverage area, wireless data service is available under the Performance Characteristics of the roaming carrier’s data network.


Mid-Rivers Mobile Internet provides both "4G" and “3G” connection speeds. These are shared data services, so actual speeds will vary depending on signal strength, the customer’s location (distance from a tower/transmitter); mobility (whether the user is in a moving car, walking or sitting); and network traffic (the number of users at a given time). Speeds may also be dependent upon the capabilities of the end-user's specific equipment or device. Structural materials may also affect signal quality and data access and speeds. In select areas where signal strength is not sufficient for 4G or 3G data speeds, customers may receive slower “1X” data speeds.


Advertised Speeds 
Actual Speeds Measured
Actual Latency Measured
4G Product (shared service) 35.933Mbps/13.7 Mbps 72
3G Product (shared service) 2.633 Mbps/1.0 Mbps 81

*Actual speed and latency measurements last updated 8/1/18. Mid-Rivers has developed and reviews on a regular basis a methodology for tracking the accuracy of the speed and latency information presented here. These procedures are consistent with standard industry practice, utilizing the same software and testing time frames used by participants in the FCC’s broadband performance measurement project.


The Mid-Rivers 4G data network utilizes Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, and the Mid-Rivers 3G data network utilizes the CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev A standard.  Both technologies will support a wide variety of symmetric, delay-sensitive, real-time, and concurrent voice over IP (VoIP) and advanced broadband data applications. The suitability of “1X” data service for real-time applications is limited by the data speeds and latency of the 1XRTT network.


Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access (Non-BIAS) Data Services 


Mid-Rivers does not currently provide specialized services to end users over our mobile broadband connections that would impact the capacity available for, or the performance of, any end-user’s mobile broadband Internet access service.


Commercial Terms



Current commercially-available Mobile Internet plans include:


Regional Choice Plan Monthly Charge
Regional Choice Calling Plan
(Unlimited Talk on Mid-Rivers Tower & 400 Roaming Minutes)

Additional Devices (Limit 10) $9.95 Each

Nationwide Shared Data
5 GB
3 GB
1 GB

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