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Reliable Service

There's nothing standing between you and your family and friends when you have reliable phone service from Mid-Rivers Communications. Next door or around the world, Mid-Rivers provides clear voice quality and affordable rate plans for any budget.


With a Mid-Rivers landline, you have a secure, reliable connection even if the power is out!


Of course, phone service has come a long way over the last century. Take advantage of all the popular features and services available to you.


Flexible payment plans – mail or electronic billing

Local and long distance calling – choose the plan that covers the way you use your phone

Premium services like call waiting, caller ID, voice mail and more – all the popular services that help you do more

Enhanced 9-1-1 will automatically receive your location in an emergency, decreasing the time that it will take responders to arrive

Our expertly trained repair staff is on call 24/7 to handle service calls quickly. Our goal is to keep you connected 100% of the time


Long Distance

Mid-Rivers Communications is your locally-owned long distance provider.

Mid-Rivers brings you high quality connections, with a high level of customer care. Call our office with questions and talk to a real person ... the first time, every time. What's more, you can receive this and all your Mid-Rivers services on one, convenient monthly bill. Take a moment to see all the ways Mid-Rivers Long Distance can help you stay connected across the miles.


Direct Dial Long Distance Plans


Mid-Rivers offers a variety of long distance plans sure to fit your business's needs, whether you are a small local business, of part of a larger corporation we have a plan that will suit your needs.


Per Minute Plan


With the per-minute plan call will be charge at the rate of $0.20 per minute Monday-Saturday. Sundays and holidays will be charged at $0.10 per minute.


Minute Plans


  • 200 Minute Plan - $24.99
  • 400 Minute Plan - $49.99
  • 600 Minute Plan - $74.99/Month
  • 800 Minute Plan - $99.99/month
  • 1200 Minute Plan - $149.99/month
  • 2500 Minute Plan - $312.00/month - must have at least 5 lines




Customer Directory Listings


Your name is automatically added to our white pages when you have a phone installed, unless you request a non-published number. Directory listings help your friends and neighbors find you more easily.

You can add other phone numbers if you wish:


Additional Residence Listings are for other people in your household with different last names.

Additional Business Listings can put your name as well as your business' name in the White Pages.

Alternate Call Listings provide additional phone numbers – ideal for after-hours calls or if there is no one to answer at the first phone number.



Online Yellow and Blue Pages


If you've never used our Online Yellow and Blue pages, prepare to discover your new favorite business search tool. Talk about versatile.


Would it be helpful to generate a list of attorneys in your area? Looking for "that club" you visited but can only remember it had "club" in the name? In fact, whatever you're looking for, wherever it is in the country, our directory will find it for you.


This helpful search page goes beyond the standard name or city lookup. Use our map search to find businesses near a particular landmark. There's even a coupon search so you can find great deals offered at the places you've looked up.



Stay in Touch



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Senior woman talking on a landline phone
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Senior woman talking on a landline phone
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Senior woman talking on a landline phone